What if my decal is lost in the mail, stolen or destroyed?

If you do not receive your decal in the mail within 10 days from mailing in your payment, contact our office at (785)229-3455 to inquire if the decal may have been returned to our office. If the decal has been returned, give the customer service representative the correct mailing address and the decal will be either sent out again or held in the office if you want to pick it up in person.

If the decal has not been returned, a police report must be filed in the city in which you reside. After filing the police report, bring the report, license plate number of the vehicle, insurance information and $1.50 to either motor vehicle office to obtain a replacement decal. This must be done by the registered owner of the vehicle, or the registered owner may give someone Power of Attorney to process this transaction on their behalf.

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