Motor Vehicle Department


We offer many services to the public, most of which are listed below. The Motor Vehicle Department offers, but are not limited to, the following services

  • Renewing license plates
  • Titling newly purchased vehicles
  • Issuing Handicap placards/plates
  • Antique vehicle registrations
  • Ordering of Specialty plates offered by the State of Kansas including personalized plates

The Motor Vehicle Department is NOT RESPONSIBLE for:

  • Issuing driver's licenses - This is the responsibility of a state office located at 225 S. Walnut St. in Ottawa, phone number 785-242-1276
  • Inspection of vehicles - This is the responsibility of KDOT located at 3182 Highway K-68 in Ottawa, 785.242.0063, Monday & Thursday Only, 9 am to Noon.

Motor Vehicle Resources

Calculate my Vehicle Property Tax

Renewal of License Plates Registration

Titling of New Vehicles

Titling of Used Vehicles

New Kansas Resident


Vehicle Property Tax Information System

Lost/Stolen Plates

Disabled Placard or Plates
 Titles: duplicate, secured or removal of liens


2014 Commercial Vehicle Brochure

Commercial Vehicle Letter

Special Plates

Do you have questions for the Motor Vehicle Department?

Thank you for your patience during this covid craziness, it is greatly appreciated! Wearing a mask helps me protect you, and you protect me.


We are now open to the general public and have resumed our normal hours of 8 am to 4:30 pm, we take rotating lunches so that we can help
 you during lunch hours. 
We strongly encourage everyone that has transactions that can be handled through the mail to do so! This
will really help to keep the Motor Vehicle office and hallway compliant with social distancing and will help to keep employees
& patrons healthy, safe & feeling secure in their surroundings!
Thank you!

Our phone number is 785-229-3455.

Email the Motor Vehicle Department

Our fax number is 785-229-3461.

Renewal of regular vehicle Registrations and Antique registration renewals:

In addition to being able to renew your registrations in the Motor Vehicle Office you can also choose from 3 methods that do not require you to visit the office. If you have no changes in name, address or vehicle you can mail in your renewal, deposit your renewal paperwork in the County drop box or you can process them online as an e-tag. It is strongly encouraged that this practice continue after we are open to the general public.

Our mailing address is: 315 S Main Street, Room 107, Ottawa KS 66067-2335.

The County drop box is located on the front lawn on Main Street; it is stainless steel and is on a pedestal.

If you are using the mail or the drop box option please include a copy of your insurance card, your phone number on at least one of the documents, and your renewal form from the State of Kansas. Obviously do not put cash in the mail or the drop box, only checks or money orders!

Online e-tag instructions are on your renewal.

Handicap placards both new and renewals can be processed by mail or drop box.

Lien releases can also be handled by mail or drop box, please call for information.

So, please bear with us during this time, if we are not answering phone calls, we are doing all the behind the scenes work that the public never sees. We are taking care of lien releases, approving title work, antique tag renewals, handicap placards, commercial vehicle registrations, fleet registrations, processing mail, drop box items and e-tags. (You may do your e-tags online through the State of Kansas & the iKan payment system, but we are the ones who actually process and mail them to you!) Stay tuned for any changes! If you have not found the information that you need here please call 785-229-3455 or email us.

Thank you for your patience, and be sure to check out the Franklin County Government page on Facebook, changes and updates are posted there regularly!

Please don't put off renewing your registration(s) till the last week/day!