Health Department

We look forward to serving you!

Please call 785-229-3530 to schedule an appointment. 

FCHD Mission Vision


Preparing for your appointment - Please make sure you bring the following:

  • Insurance Card
  • Insurance policy holders name and date of birth
  • Proof of income (current pay stub, a copy of last year’s W-2, or employer letter with hours worked and wage per hour)

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Communicable Diseases and Disease Reporting

Report communicable disease to Franklin County Health Department during office hours at: 785-229-3530 (Phone) 785-229-3529 (FAX) 

After hours reporting to the Franklin County Health Department: 785-248-0507
After hours reporting to KDHE: EPI Hotline 800-427-7317

The Health of Our Community

Visit the CHACHIP page for the latest health status report and improvement

plan for Franklin County and the East Central Kansas Public Health Region.

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