I have lost my title. How do I obtain a duplicate?
To determine if there is a lien holder listed on the vehicle record look at the latest registration receipt issued for the vehicle or trailer. If there is a lien holder on the file with the Kansas Division of Vehicles (D of V) for the vehicle. It will say Title held Electronically at the top of your registration. Kansas has been an Electronic holding state since 2003. You would need to bring the notarized lien release to the Motor Vehicle Department to process the release. The state office will print your title that night and mail to you. Please be sure the clerk knows you proper mailing address. Prior to 2003, titles were printed with lien. To replace, you need a lien release and $20.00. (Exception, moving out of state).

If there is no lien holder for the vehicle, a duplicate title application can be completed at any county treasurer's office or by mail directly to the Titles and Registrations Bureau. You will need to complete the Application for Secured/Duplicate/Reissue Title, form TR-720B that includes the following information: vehicle year, make and identification number, owner's name(s) and the current odometer reading. Include appropriate title fee.

NOTE: If the title was issued prior to 2003 and you have an out of state lien holder, check the upper left portion of the receipt for application for Kansas title for "SMO to Lienholder". If there is and SMO (Special Mailing Order) noted on the application, the title was mailed to the lien holder. If the lien is paid off, contact the lien holder concerning the title.

If the title was printed but not mailed to the lien holder or the lien holder does not have the title, you will need a lien release and make application for a "reissued" title that will remove the lien enabling a title to be printed.

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