History of Franklin County


Franklin County, Kansas was established in 1855 and named in honor of the legendary Benjamin Franklin. The county is governed by a Board of County Commissioners/County Administration form of government.

In 1998 Franklin County broke the Kansas tradition by increasing the number of county commissioners from three to five. Six years later the voters of Franklin County established the position of county administrator. The changes in Franklin County government reflect the progressive attitudes of Franklin County citizens and the 150 years of successfully guiding the county into the future.

Departments and Services

There are seventeen county departments providing the traditional county services of, but not limited to:

  • Law enforcement
  • Maintenance and construction of roads and bridges
  • Dealing with more contemporary public issues of environmental management in recycling and utilities planning
  • Urban residential development in a rural setting

Additionally, the county supports a number of affiliated organizations in order to bring better service to the community. Services supported, directly or indirectly, include:

  • Ransom Memorial Hospital, on the top 100 community hospitals in the United States
  • Franklin County Mental Health Clinic providing exceptional services to adults and children
  • Programs and services for the elderly
  • Other services reflecting the values of a caring community

Mission of Franklin County

It is the mission of Franklin County to foster a better living and working environment by providing the community with beneficial, desired and essential public services in a professional, courteous and fiscally responsible manner. We stand committed to meeting the challenges of the future with integrity and excellence while proudly remembering our rich heritage.

Sites of Historic Interest

National and State Register of Historic Places in Franklin County