The Emergency Communications Center is excited to implement what3words.com, a mapping system that can be used to determine your location during an emergency situation. This program is available as an app that can be downloaded to a cell-phone or via the web. The best way to describe how this system works is to take a map of the world and place a 3-meter grid over the entire thing. Three unique words have been assigned to each 3-meter square and these three words can be relayed to dispatch in order to determine your location.

 Example: You are at a Royals Game and have an emergency. You call 911 and the dispatcher immediately knows your address but they will not be able to determine the specific location your emergency. The caller could go to what3words.com or use the app to identify the three words specific to your exact location and lead emergency personnel directly to you.

 This mapping system has so many useful applications. Think about when driving and you do not know your exact location, or when an emergency happens on a large property – this application or website can again, lead emergency personnel directly to you.

 The Franklin County Emergency Communications Center would like to encourage everyone who carries a cellphone to download this app. Parents with young children who have a cellphone should also download this app for them and explain to them how and when to use it. Children are often times at locations (like school, a friend’s house, etc.) where they do not know the exact location.

 More information about this program can be found at what3words.com/about. Take a look for yourself and consider downloading that app on your phone. If you have questions, the Emergency Communications Center staff is available to help, please call 785-242-3800.