New in 2020 – get your Burn Permit online.

After 12 years of no significant changes to the system, Franklin County Emergency Management is implementing a new process for obtaining a Burn Permit. Historically, burn permits were purchased yearly and purchasers were permitted to start a controlled burn any day that a burn ban had not been issued. Moving forward, Franklin County citizens will be able to obtain a burn permit daily on the county's website – allowing Emergency Management the ability to track controlled burns across the County on a daily basis. The new permit will continue to follow the open burning regulations from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Why is the County moving to a daily permit?

A daily permit gives Emergency Management and the local fire departments information to track active open burning occurring in each district. County dispatch often receives several calls about smoke. Typically, these calls are connected to a controlled burn. The new system will help determine if/when the fire departments should be deployed to a fire and with what equipment (grass, structure, etc.)

What if I do not have internet access to obtain a permit online?

Those who are unable to access the online burn permit can purchase a permit good for 7 days at the Franklin County Planning and Zoning office located at the Franklin County Annex. The Planning and Zoning Office hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Where do I find the online permit?

The online permit will be available at www.franklincoks.org/burn

Why can't I burn during the evening hours?

The open burning regulations suggest that no new fires should be started less than two hours before sunset – including the provision that no material shall be added to an already burning fire less than two hours before sunset.

Does my bonfire, ceremonial fire or trash burn pile need a permit? What is considered a brush pile?

A campfire or ceremonial fire under 5ft in diameter is not considered a brush pile. Any pile larger than 5ft in diameter warrants the need to obtain a burn permit before ignition.

What if my brush pile continues burning for multiple days?

In the case of large brush piles, a burn permit is not needed each day. The county understands that brush piles may burn for more than one day. However, the person responsible for the fire is expected to follow the conditions of the permit and make a reasonable effort to prevent the fire from spreading.

What if my controlled burn location will warrant more burning than just one day?

If you are conducting a large pasture clearing operation and burning will continue for more than one day, the county asks that you watch the weather conditions and check for no burn days. Additionally, please obtain a new permit daily or a 7-day burn permit in the Planning and Zoning Office.

What should I do if my burn gets out of control?

Call 911 as soon as possible. The fire department for that area will be dispatched to help contain the fire or extinguish it. The fire department and Sheriff's Office will want to speak with the person in charge of the permit to determine if a violation occurred and if a notice to appear in court should be issued.

How do I know if burning is allowed each day?

The online permit will be unavailable when a burn ban is issued. You can also call 785-229-3501 and the recorded message will notify you if burning is allowed or not.

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