Protection from Stalking or Sexual Assault

How do I seek Protection from Stalking, Sexual Assault or Human Trafficking?

The protection from stalking process is designed to provide quick and immediate protection. However, the process may require time, expertise, or more than one court hearing. IF YOU ARE IN IMMEDIATE FEAR FOR YOUR SAFETY, ALWAYS CALL LAW ENFORCEMENT!

If you have questions, you should seek help from an attorney or victim services advocate. The Kansas Crisis Hotline (1-888-363-2287) or Kansas Legal Services (1-800-723-6953) may be able to help you find an attorney or advocate. 

 You will need to go in person to the Clerk of District Court office to seek a protection order.

The following resources are available to you and may assist you as you prepare to visit District Court seeking protection:

Protection from Stalking, Sexual Assault or Human Trafficking Forms

Civil Information Sheet