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Posted on: February 11, 2020

2020 Dust Control Program - Now Accepting Applications

Naturally, spring rains turn into summer dust and believe it or not, summer dust will be here sooner than later. With approval from the Board of County Commissioners, the Public Works department is excited to announce the enrollment period for residents wishing to purchase a “dust palliative” treatment for the gravel road fronting their property. The Dust Control Program offered by the County is a user-fee program, meaning the property owner pays up front for the estimated cost of applying the material, including road preparation before the application.

The most common dust control products are calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. Both products have been found to control dust by attracting moisture from the atmosphere causing dust to clump together. This aids in dust control by forming a hard crust that does not lose dust particles as well as creating larger, heavier dust particles that do not float about as much.

Franklin County does not guarantee the results of the products – although past applications have proven successful. The County provides the Dust Control Program to residents in an effort to purchase a large enough quantity of the product to achieve an economical solution.

Upon completion of the application window, the Public Works Department will calculate the amount of solution needed to cover all locations and a bid process for the product will be initiated. The dust control material is typically applied in late spring contingent weather allows. Material lasts around six-months dependent on weather and other factors.

Applications are due March 27, 2020

Click Here for More Information or to Print an Application

For questions or concerns pertaining to the 2020 Dust Control Program, please reach out to the Public Works Department at (785) 229-3550 or go to the Public Works office located inside the Annex at 1428 S. Main, Ottawa, KS 66067.

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