Resolutions 2018

18-01: Rezoning: Daniel and Victoria Fehling

18-02: Rezoning: Whitaker Aggregates

18-03: Special Use Permit #1711-1547: Whitaker Aggregates (Rock Quarry)

18-04: Rezoning: Mike Holtwick

18-05: Rezoning: Jack and April Wilhite

18-06: Rezoning: Granvil and Marjorie Chisam

18-07: Financial Statements and Budget Laws for 2018

18-08: Rezoning: Robert Hiles

18-09: Amending the Manual of Personnel Rules and Regulations (Replacing Resolution 17-21)

18-10: Amendment to Art. 2 Def. Sec 2-1.01 Ag. Structures and Accessory Str.

18-11: Appointing Interim Appraiser

18-12: Amending the County Zoning Regulations

18-13: Rezoning: Robert Altic

18-14: Rezoning: Teresa Dillon

18-15: Rezoning: James & Dennis Lickteig

18-16: Rezoning: Mark Weigand

18-17: Rezoning: Linda Jensen

18-18: Rezoning: Marilyn Malson

18-19: Vacate a Portion of Rock Creek Rd Between Louisiana and Eisenhower

18-20: Rezoning: Linda Anderson

18-21: Special Use Permit #1803-1572: Mid-State Materials, LLC. (Rock Quarry)

18-22: Rezoning: Karen and Tom Martinez

18-23: Appointing Franklin County Appraiser Jamie Wilson

18-24: Rezoning: John A. Rubick

18-25: Special Use Permit #1803-1576: Operation of a Woodwork Shop

18-26: Rezoning: Edward and Penny Thompson

18-27: Rezoning: Donald R. Schamle

18-28: Rezoning: Eddy and Rita Anderson

18-29: Rezoning: Lisa Diediker

18-30: Correction: Res. 18-12 to Ref Res. 18-10 Residential Three Acre Dist. Zoning Regulations

18-31: Franklin County Health Department Fee Schedule

18-32: Vacate a Portion of Arkansas Rd North of K-31

18-33: Upgrade a Portion of Utah Rd to Full Maintenance

18-34: Rezoning: Cody Leach

18-35: Vacate a Portion of Georgia Road 100; South BNSF Railroad

18-36: Management of Solid Waste; Lake Region Solid Waste Management

18-37: Rezoning: Allen Call

18-38: Special Use Permit #1808-1620: Ottawa Cooperative Association (Amending #1112-1124)

18-39: Special Use Permit #1809-1631: Spencer Farms, LLC - Temporary Storage and Shipping

18-40: Rezoning: Michael & Wanda McGinnis

18-41: Rezoning: Marlene Laird

18-42: Rezoning: Richard Clark

18-43: Amending the Manual of Personnel Rules and Regulations to Replace 18-09

18-44: Authorizing the Public Sale of Approximately $3,000,000 Principal Amount of Gen Obligation Bonds

18-45: Adopting the Lake Region Solid Waste Management Plan

18-46: Re-Adopting the Neighborhood Revitalization Program by Adding an Area

18-47: Transferring Funds to Capital Improvement and Equipment Reserve Funds

18-48: Rezoning: Dwayne LaGalle