Resolutions 2017

Resolutions 2017

17-01: Rezone: McCurdy

17-02: Rezone: Welch

17-03: Rezone: Taylor

17-04: Rezone: Dunn

17-05: 2016 GAAP Waiver

17-06: 2017 GAAP Waiver

17-07: Resolution Adopting Sanitation Code

17-08: Rezone: Reed

17-09: Rezone: Reed

17-10: Rezone: Drew Reese

17-11: Amendment To Condition #4 of Resolution #98-49

17-12: Rezone: Brandon and Kristine Leach

17-13: Rezone: Larry and Betty Shaffer

17-14: Rezone: Two Bros, LLC.

17-15: Special Use Permit: Construction and Operation of a 300 ft. Communication Tower

17-16: Rezone: Kansas City Power and Light

17-17: Special Use Permit: Construction and Operation of a 199 ft. Communication Tower

17-18: Rezone: Harry Jr. and Robin Lydick

17-19: Special Use Permit: Bettis Asphalt and Construction, Inc.

17-20: Special Use Permit: Withdrawal of Zone #1611-1436 and Special Use Permit #1611-1437

17-21: Amendment of the Franklin County Personnel Rules and Regulations of Franklin County, Kansas

17-22: Placement of Stop Sign at Eisenhower Road with Allen Road

17-23: Vacate a Portion of Douglas Road

17-24: Sale of a Portion of General Obligation Bonds for Industrial Park

17-25: Rezone: John Williams

17-26: Reappointment of Franklin County Appraiser

17-27: Speed Limit Sign in Wheatland Farms Subdivision

17-28: Amendment to KCAMP Bylaws and Interlocal Cooperation Agreement

17-29: General Obligation Bonds: Issuance and Delivery

17-31: Rezone: Raymond Shumate

17-32: Rezone: Denis Schlotzhauer

17-33: Rezone: Reece Laurie

17-34: Rezone: Louis Nakao

17-35: Rezone: Judy Hull

17-36: Rezone: Cody McMahan

17-37: Upgrade a portion of Finney Road to full maintenance

17-38: Rezone: Ken Davidson

17-39: Rezone: Jesse and Shanna Madden

17-40: Rezone: James Malson

17-41: Rezone: John Killough

17-42: Special Use Permit: Operation of a rock, brick, & concrete recycling facility

17-43: Special Use Permit: Construction, placement & operation of two bulk containers for grain

17-44: Rezone: Edward and Merna Seyler

17-45: Rezone: Cyndia McClanahan

17-46: Rezone: Bruce and Mary Baumgartner

17-47: Rezone: Cleo Jackson

17-49: Annexation of 10.4 acres to the City of Ottawa

17-50: Lake Region Solid Waste Management Plan

17-51: Rezone: Carol Burlingham Roberts

17-52: Rezone: Mary Channon