Titles - Duplicate, Secured or Lien Removal

Duplicate (Lost the Original Title)

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We are now open to the general public and have resumed our normal hours of 8 am to 4:30 pm, we take rotating lunches so that we can help you during lunch hours. We strongly encourage everyone that has transactions that can be handled through the mail to do so! This will really help to keep the Motor Vehicle office and hallway compliant with social distancing and will help to keep employees & patrons healthy, safe & feeling secure in their surroundings!
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Our phone number is 785-229-3455.

Email the Motor Vehicle Department

Our fax number is 785-229-3461.

  • Must be the owner of the vehicle (may require driver's license for proof)
  • Vehicle information (identification number and mileage)
  • Lien release from bank or institution if lien was listed on the lost title.
  • Required form (TR720B) if owner is not present.
  • $10.00 fee.

Secure (Add a lien to vehicle title)

  • Title or current registration if the title is an E-title (lien on vehicle title after January 1, 2003)
  • Name and address of bank or institution being added as lien holder and mileage.
  • Lien release from another bank or institution now showing on title unless the new lien holder will be listed as a second lien holder.
  • Required form (TR720B), if owner is not present.
  • $10.00 fee.

Reissue (To remove a lien from an existing title, not an E-title)

  • Title
  • Mileage
  • Lien release from bank or institution.
  • $10.00 fee
  • Required form (TR720B) - if owner is not present