Board of County Commissioners

The Board

The Franklin County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) is composed of five members. Each commissioner represents one of the five districts as shown on the map below. Commissioners are elected by voters to serve a four-year term and the terms are staggered so that there are commissioners elected every two years. The BOCC has the exclusive power to enact, amend, and repeal public policy for the County; to levy and apportion taxes, make appropriations and adopt budgets; and to establish strategic plans for the benefit of the County and to appoint the Administrator, boards and commissions for Franklin County.


The Franklin County Commissioners are in charge of appointing members of certain county recognized boards such as the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Planning Commission, the CHIP Committee and many others.

These boards serve a vital purpose in supporting the the Board of Commissioners in their policy and decision making. It is up to these boards to research projects and changes before making a recommendation to the County Commissioners.

The Voice

Working with local, state, and federal agencies is a major role of the commission. They are the voice of the county and help establish laws and regulations that affect the county and its citizens. It is their job to make and back decisions that are in the best interest of Franklin County citizens.