Vaccine Immediate Appointments Website 07.12.21

**Moderna vaccines have only been approved those 18 years of age and older.**

  1. ACT workKeys
  2. Kenny Cook - 06.30.21
  3. COVID-19 Delta Variant Virus

    COVID-19 Delta Variant Virus

    "I share optimism with how things are going, but with a real note of caution." We hope you will take the time to read what Dr. Bud Ransom has to say about the COVID-19 Delta Variant Virus. Read here...
  4. 2021 Primary Election

    Notice to Voters of Franklin County

    There will be NO primary election held in Franklin County on August 3, 2021. More Information...
  5. Thank You Larry and Don

    21 Years Serving the Public Together

    After 21 years, on June 30th, Larry Walrod, long time Planning and Building Director will be retiring. Read on...